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Here are some useful tips that you will find helpful.


All our new batteries are shipped without charge in them, and must be charged before use.  It is important that the first few times you charge the battery you don't unplug the power until the battery is 100% charged.  It is also important for the first few times you allow it to completely discharge before plugging it back in.  It is important to repeat this step of fully discharging and fully recharging once a month.  It is also important that if you intend to use your notebook plugged in most of the time you fully discharge the battery and then remove it. Be aware that it is normal for notebook batteries to get rather hot. Tips for a longer battery life:

  • Turn the screen brightness down
  • Turn off any unused wireless receivers such as Wifi or Bluetooth
  • Avoid using the CD/DVD drive, copy songs or videos to the hard drive
  • In the Power Options, set for "Longest Battery Life" as opposed to "Best Performance" 

Viruses / Spyware / Data Protection:

Always have Anti-Virus and Firewall software installed.  We sell Anti-Virus solutions and can also clear your computer prior to installation to ensure a fresh, protected start.

Always have the latest software updates, in particular those of your operating system i.e. Microsoft Windows and those from your browser i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.   You can find the latest Microsoft Updates Here.

All ways backup your data, but be wary if your computer has crashed, as often a virus will spread to a backup drive as well.  If you are not confident always get a professional to help with restoring your data.

Don't forget to keep all your software CDs as applications cannot be backup, they must be re-installed.  Only data such as images or documents should be backed up.


When transporting chargers try and avoid bending the cable as much as possible.  The less bend the better, i.e. one large, open continuous circular bundle is much better than a bundle of straight lines with sharply folded edges.

Some charges hold power for up to 30 seconds after you remove them from the wall,  always be carful when handling chargers and batteries even if they are not plugged in.